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Still Life





wild bunch, Oil painting pears and pots pitcher and oranges peony roses autumn leaves, oil painting tricarta bounty apple blossom wild apples Floral Arrangement, Oil painting daffodils, Oil painting japanese vase with wild roses, Oil painting

Still Life

peaches persimons and spring onions chinese vase and oranges, Oil painting japanese vase with oranges red pepper, leak and vase japanese print with vase pears, oil painting plums, Oil painting mandarins, oil painting mackerel 3 crab apples and roses, Oil painting four pears, Oil painting blue vase with oranges, Oil painting a basket of oranges, oil painting ginger jar and mandarins, oil painting chinese vase and oranges, oil painting staffordshire bowl and grapes teapot with mandarins, oil painting mackerel oranges jug and vermeers wall sea bass, oil painting six pears, Oil painting a bunch of onions, oil painting

The influence of Chardin and Vermeer is evident in Mat Grogan's still life paintings. This is no surprise given a lifelong interest in the artists and their time. There are three galleries in this category and more will be added soon. All the original paintings are in oil and, if not already sold, are to be found at The Sandford Gallery in Dublin and The Warren Gallery in West Cork. Enjoy browsing.

Wild Bunch fruit and brushes blooms with bottle